Text: Marta Szloser

Illustrations: Monika Rejkowska




36 pages

21 x 26 cm


(Agencja Edytorska EZOP 2017)



A funny, intelligent story about self-acceptance.

It happens that someone – let’s face it – has protruding ears or a big nose. Another laughs loudly or is very slow. Someone has often hiccups, breaks into crying for no reason, cries, or blinks too much. Yet another person has characteristic red hair and a lot of freckles… Mary, the protagonist of this story, was distinguished by… crumbs.

I mean, not crumbs in themselves, just crumbs crushing! Mary, even eating with her mouth closed, spread a shower of crumbs around her, and they were literally everywhere.

The problem grew so severe that Mary, who had previously accepted „her” crumbs, such as „her” curly hair and „her” allergy to dust, refused to eat completely. She was sad and weak, but she no longer wanted to be different from the „no-crumbing” children. And it would have probably ended tragically, if not for a coincidence…

At the end of the book, you will find a recipe for Mary’s favorite cookies!