Text:  Mikołaj Łoziński

Illustrations:  Janek Koza



124 pages


16,5 x 20,8 cm


English translation sample available!

Rights sold: France



The heroes of this hilarious, somewhat magical, but above all full of tenderness story are twin brothers who, as soon as they jump out of their mother’s belly, enter the world by storm, sparing at the same time slightly lost adults.

Motherhood, paternity – even if experienced not for the first time – is always a journey into the unknown. Because the birth of a toddler (sometimes two at the same time!) can be like an earthquake, after which parents find a completely new balance of forces. Little creatures suddenly start to amaze them with wisdom, cunning, and imagination. And this one spreads wings so widely that the world and literature merge into one, truth and fiction are no longer distinguishable.