Text:  Grzegorz Kasdepke

Illustrations:  Daniel de Latour



228 pages


22,2 x 21,8 cm




BETA Award Class in Financial Management 2015

 A distinction in The Most Beautiful Book 2014 by The Polish Association of Editors.


Updated in 2020 edition!

Economics for Children in 50 illustrated stories. A difficult topic presented lightly, easily, and understandably.

After reading this book, economics will be never black magic for you again.

Demand and Supply are twins who love to swing: up, down, up, down. The Policy looks a bit like a carpet, on which Retirement would like to lie down because she can barely drag her feet, poor lady. Yes, this book is full of strange creatures with scary names, even as terrible as cash shortage, earnings, interest, rainy day funds, mortgage, shares, profits, currencies, loans, auctions, accounts, or bankruptcy, the meaning of which is explained by the economist after each adventure.

A writer, an economist, and an illustrator invite you to the Garden of Strange Creatures, the Economic Zoo, and Circus. When you enter, you can expect anything and everything…