Text:  Waldemar Kuligowski

Illustrations:  Marianna Sztyma



96 pages


16 x 21,5 cm


 English translation sample available!



 nomination for The Book of the Year 2020 by IBBY Polish section



This is not a book of historical facts. On the contrary, it is about the present day, and information about many of its heroes can be found easily on the Internet.

Each chapter of this book tells about a different cultural microcosmos and different meanings ascribed to gender.

According to the dictionaries, the third gender is a term that describes people who are not perceived by themselves and their society, neither as men nor as women. These individuals rise above the „sex” regime based on genitals and biology by choosing an anti-„gender” regime based on desires, dreams, and preferences.

These people create unique cultural microcosms, integrated with society, which, for lack of more fortunate ideas, we call the third – or fourth, fifth, etc. – gender.

Waldemar Kuligowski introduces us to the daily lives of fa’fafine, xanith, muxe, baklâ, mashoga, and others that are considered to have features usually divided between women and men. It shows their ordinary life, working time and relaxation time, shows their dreams and cares and, where possible, allows them to “speak” with their voice.

Above all, the author encourages us to try to „look at the world differently” without losing any of its stunning wealth. The most important purpose of this book is to invite you to travel through the great circle in which we are all related and intimate in one way or another. However, for this to be possible, first of all, we must notice this circle.