Text: Anna Paszkiewicz

Illustrations: Kasia Walentynowicz



32 pages


21 x 26 cm


Rights sold: Chinese simplified, Korean, Spanish, Catalan



Nomination for THE BEST BOOK 2021 by IBBY (Polish section)





„It is hard to say who really instigated the fight. The only certain thing is that it happened in between two ticks of a grandfather clock standing in a workshop of an old watchmaker.

TODAY did not hear how it started – when it arrived the quarrel was in full swing.
– That is ridiculous! – cried TOMORROW with a piercing look at YESTERDAY – You may be older, but you’re not all there. Why on earth would you be more important than me, huh? Because whoever is older is always right?

– I’m not saying always, but in this case, yes. – YESTERDAY was not at all offended to be reminded of its age. After all, TOMORROW was still so immature and… insecure. – First of all, I am much more experienced than you. Secondly, I am the keeper of many memories, some of which are special. Anyway, have a look at yourself…”