Text & Illustrations:  Asia Gwis



26 pages


23,1 x 31vcm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: Chinese simplified, Italian

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There are many different species of monkeys and apes in the world. Pygmy marmosets are smaller than a banana, and the strong gorillas are almost as big as humans. Did you know that macaques make snowballs for fun, gibbons can walk on two legs and capuchin monkeys can easily crack nut shells? If you want to learn more fun facts about these amazing animals, find out about how they live, what they eat and what their customs are like, this book is a must!

Birds live everywhere: in cities, in the jungle, on the water, in the country and in the forests… They do not fear the cold of the Antarctic nor the scorching heat of the tropics. They are
all very different: there’s the tiny bee hummingbird and the huge common ostrich. There
are adorable birds like the long-tailed tits and clever birds like ravens. There are the colourful parrots and the grey sparrows. They fly, they run, they build their homes and lay their
eggs. Most of them are sociable, but there are some loners out there too. There are over
10 thousand bird species in the world.
Asia Gwis presents the wonderful variety of the avian world with unique illustrations complete with fascinating trivia and tasks for her readers.