Text:  Dorota Lipińska, Monika Ufel

Illustrations:  Joanna Bartosik



24 pages


18 x 18 cm


Polish-English text



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This series is a perfect tool to start an adventure with reading and learning English!

Frank, Franny & Felix” is a bilingual series for the youngest children which aims at educating, introducing contact with a foreign language, and remaining a pleasant read combined with great literature. It is designed for two age groups and thus also gains a lasting life span letting the child enjoy the book even longer.

Board books that are the perfect fit for little hands with gorgeous illustrations and a carefully written simple text that is based on repetitive language structures. All of that makes the book a perfect choice even for babies at their earliest reading experiences.

The series revives with 2- 3-year olds, who are incredibly inquisitive and want to learn as much as they can about the world around them. Their motivation and cognitive structures are amazingly active and they still learn their native tongue: the sounds, the melody, the meaning of words, and grammatical structures. It’s perfect timing to inspire the little ones with a foreign language as well! To start building up their language intuition. Our books let the child listen to the sounds of the new language, the structure of sentences and give a chance to guess the meaning from context. It is simply ideal to learn while having fun!

The book is accompanied by a recording available via a QR code.