Text:  Katarzyna Radziwił

Illustrations:  Joanna Gębal



48 pages


25 x 33,5 cm


English translation sample available.



Are plants and animals able to talk to each other? We might not be able to hear, or understand a conversation between two ants or wolves, even less one between a corn bush and its neighbor, yet that doesn’t mean that plants and animals don’t stay in touch and exchange information.

They can do so through smells, that we, humans, are often oblivious to. They can make different sounds, they can show things to one another, make faces, and even produce electric current!

So, what might animals and plants have to say to each other? They share where they found food, whether they are in danger or not, they search for each other when they get out of sight, they show that they belong to the same herd, they pick up females, they call for their parents and scare off strangers. Just like humans, animals communicate to display friendship and affection, or enmity and fear.

  The natural kingdom constantly exchanges information, yet most of the time, we can’t notice, hear, or feel it.  Hopefully, this book will help us with that!