Text:  Joanna Guszta

Illustrations:  Przemek Liput



80 pages


23 x 28 cm




This is a book about the fact that the playground is a serious issue.

You will be surprised at how many different forms it can take, how ingeniously it can be organised, how many adults think about it and how easy it is for children to create it anywhere and at any time.
However, it must be said that the playground is also a completely frivolous place. Often children forget about the whole world here, chase each other, get dirty, fool around – and don’t want to go home. You are right!
The strange thing is that hardly anyone thinks about it all that seriously, so we probably know more about dinosaurs than we do about playgrounds!

Welcome to a trip through 23 playgrounds around the world!

Train your imagination, sense of aesthetics, empathy, attentiveness and creativity!

Explore the most varied playgrounds, look at them and talk about them!

It’s fun!