Text:  Zofia Stanecka

Illustrations:  Marianna Sztyma



136 pages


13 x 18 cm




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Lotta, a mongrel dog taken in from a temporary home, turns the life of a family upside down. Suddenly, objects mysteriously disappear from the house, while yellowish puddles, muddy footprints, fur on the sofa, unfamiliar smells and lots of love appear! With innate grace and stoic calm, step by step, Lotta is raising her human pack, which – although she feels like she is in control of the situation – is completely, absolutely, unreservedly subservient to her Principiessa, who seems to have cast a doggy spell on them. Especially on Mum!

Full of humour, the smell of dog paws and wet nose stamps, this is a story about Lotta and her human pack.

Please note, Lotta’s resemblance to the author’s dog is quite unintentional.