Text: Kasia Keller

Illustrations: Justyna Dybala



128 pages


17,8 x 24,5 cm

(Kocur Bury)

English translation sample available.


The old notebook used to belong to Kajetan’s grandfather, and earlier to his great-grandfather. Kajetan got it as a gift for his tenth birthday. From that moment on, he describes all the events worth remembering in it. Such as the story of Pogor, a villain from a computer game that wreaks havoc wherever it appears. The trouble is that the game’s scenery is beginning to resemble the neighborhood where Kajetan lives, and by that one evening Pogor leaves the network areas!

Will the students of the local primary school manage to beat the malicious villain together? Will they show creativity, courage, and reflection also in the real world?

Pogor’s Busters is the first volume in the series “ Kajetan’s Diary”, whose protagonists are five graders. Surprising adventures, a large dose of humor, contemporary problems of younger teenagers – you will find it all in this fast-paced story.