Text: Barbara Kosmowska

llustrations: Emilia Dziubak



88/107 pages


17 x 24 cm

(Media Rodzina)

Rights sold: French, Bulgarian



Book of the Year 2016 by „Przecinek i Kropka” Competition



Tru is a young hare that wants to help others and make its hare world a better place. It doesn’t like its name and is passionate about inventions.

It comes from a family of immigrants, has two siblings and live in Lower Clovers, the poorer part of High Forest. Their mother is raising them alone.

Tru is a cheerful, energetic hare with interesting ideas and reflections, and it can undoubtedly teach us a lot.

The author deals with very current topics, such as social divisions, consumerism, emigration, raising children alone, and poverty. And still, despite the difficult issues, the book is written very lightly, with humour and heroes you cannot dislike.

This is also a story of tolerance and the need for acceptance.

After Tru’s success as an inventor, it closed down its workshop and began socializing.

Will it become a party animal and stop developing its talents?

What about its feelings for Sweet Baby?