Text: Anna Paszkiewicz

Illustrations: Kasia Walentynowicz



32 pages


21 x 26 cm


Rights sold: Chinese simplified, Korean, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish



 Nomination for The Book of the Year 2020 by IBBY Polish section

White Ravens 2021


NOTHING had nothing of its own. It lived nowhere and meant nothing to anyone. In addition, it was small, skinny, and almost completely transparent. Always alone, it would tuck itself away in a corner sadly observing the world and the humans. It listened to what was being said about it with regret.

SOMETHING was another story! It was really important. Round, big, and very pleased with itself, it was always in the center of the action and always caused a big excitement.

Probably nothing would have changed if it was not for SOMETHING and NOTHING meeting in a park…


This is a story about how strongly other people’s opinions and judgments shape our sense of worth. In a slightly perverse way, it shows that it’s just enough to look at something from a completely different angle to understand that what is important and valuable in us is not always visible at first glance.

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