Text: Boguś Janiszewski

llustrations: Max Skorwider



64 pages


23,5 x 19,1 cm


Rights sold: Bulgaria, Belarus (Russian)

English sample available!


Do not be afraid! Get to know your opponent, and learn how to deal with him.

This is Peter, an animal virus. Although his dad explained to him that it’s rather difficult for viruses to jump from one species to another, Peter dreams of infecting people. Because only this way he can make a global career. Will he succeed?

Let this book guide through a fascinating microbial world!

– What are viruses and how do they differ from bacteria?
– How they spread, how they work, and why they are resistant to antibiotics?
– How people defend themselves against them (hygiene, quarantine, strengthening immunity)?
– What is the immune system and how the vaccine works?

In nowadays the knowledge that you can get from this captivating story with lots of reliable, expert-verified information is especially important.