Text: Boguś Janiszewski

llustrations: Max Skorwider



152 pages


26 x 20,5 cm



Sold to: Russia, Sweden, Ukraine,


The authors of the bestselling series WHAT GROWN-UPS NEVER TELL YOU (Because they often just don’t know) show that there are no too complicated topics for a young reader.

Simple language, humor, and unique illustrations make seemingly difficult matters like politics, economy, intelligence, or universe perfectly understandable to everyone (aged 9 to 113).



Why do we need power and how to get it?
Is democracy the best form of governance?
What do you need the state for?
Where does the state get the money, why always from me and why so much?
Why do politicians like election bribes and can you have enough of them?
What does the Constitution protect against and why is it so important?
How to organize a demonstration or make a small revolution?

A must-read for every young citizen!