Text: Boguś Janiszewski

llustrations: Max Skorwider



152 pages


26 x 20,5 cm


Rights sold: Ukraine


The authors of the bestselling series WHAT GROWN-UPS NEVER TELL YOU (Because they often just don’t know) show that there are no too complicated topics for a young reader.

Simple language, humor, and unique illustrations make seemingly difficult matters like politics, economy, intelligence, or universe perfectly understandable to everyone (aged 9 to 113).




The most complicated object in the universe and the processes that take place in it, discussed in a simple and fun way that everyone can understand.

Where did thinking come from and did it pay off for us?
Does thinking have limits?
When does our brain fail and when does it function perfectly?
Why do we take shortcuts so often?
Your brain and you – who’s in charge here?
Why do teenagers think differently?
Artificial intelligence – a new friend or a great enemy?