Text: Maria Konopnicka

Illustrations: Alicja Kocurek



208 pages


26,5 x 36,5 cm


Rights sold: Russia



Translated in the past into almost 50 foreign languages!

This is a gem of Polish classic literature for children, published originally in 1896,  in a new, attractive edition!

Written by Polish poetess, novelist, and traveler who lived between the XIX and XX centuries.

A beautifully illustrated edition of the most famous Polish fairy tale by Maria Konopnicka.

It contains the full, original text of the fairy tale, not subject to abbreviations and editorial changes.

„Orphan Mary and Seven Dwarfs” is a poetic story connecting the human world, full of worries and poverty, and the world of Dwarfs, which have intertwined with each other for centuries. In the past, elves and people lived together, but with the advent of Christianity, little men had to go underground. However, they are still willing to help people, adhering to values ​​such as good, justice, and mercy. Above all, they emphasize the value of diligent work. In addition to the fantastic level, the piece presents the sad story of the orphaned Marysia, although with a happy ending, as well as overcoming the poverty of the host, Skarbek. The piece is delightful with its beautiful language, colorful descriptions of native nature, and an interesting presentation of the history, customs, and beliefs of the rural people.


Alicja Kocurek ilustruje: O Krasnoludkach i sierotce Marysi



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