Text & Illustrations: Tomasz Kowal

Kraina robotów Tomasz Kowal - 8506199921 - oficjalne archiwum Allegro3+

32 pages


32,3 x 26 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: Czech Republic


Robik lives in the Land of Robots. Here, the residents are machines made of metal and plastic, but they also have emotions and minds of their own. They’re actually quite similar to humans: they build cities, start families and eat out in restaurants, except rather than having steak and chips, they order cogs and screws. And, just like the human world, the robot world is a bit messy…
Join Robik on a trek across this amazing city. Visit Chock-a-Block Street, see a car exhibition, the shopping district, and the port. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the space travel center and the lemonade factory! At the end of this busy trip, have a rest in the Robo-SPA. As you walk across the city, pass through a labyrinth, and help some robots out by solving riddles and looking for details hidden in the illustrations!
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