Text: Anna Paszkiewicz Illustrations: Joanna Bartosik



46 pages


21 x 26 cm


Rights sold: Spanish, French, Italian, Korean



What could a Gold Fish ask people for?

It is also an invitation to be attentive, to see hidden secrets in seemingly ordinary things.

The authors are changing the flow of the very famous fairy tale of the Fisherman and His Wife, and seeking an answer to the following question: What do animals dream about in the 21st century?

This time the fish will say three wishes. What kind of wishes? We won’t reveal that. The question is if we can fulfil the wishes.

At the beginning of the story, we get to know the underwater world of the lake and its inhabitants. We meet them at breakfast or when they gossip and enjoy a warm morning. It would seem that their lives go on quite normally, but it soon turns out that many changes are taking place in the water.

No more than a week ago, a carp suffered from indigestion after eating a red plastic straw… And this is not an isolated accident.

People have completely forgotten that this world doesn’t belong only to them and that they should care for it – says the Golden Fish.

The book can be a great pretext to discuss, at home or at school, how to view nature and how we can prevent environmental pollution on a daily basis.

It stimulates imagination, and teaches empathy for nature and its components, even of the smallest ones.