Text: Katarzyna Radziwiłł

Illustrations: Joanna Czaplewska



40 pages


25 x  33,5 cm


Rights sold: French, German, Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, Croatian, Spanish and Catalonian.


The history we are taught st school is the history of men. Now, take a look at the history of women!

This book aims to show its readers how the lives of women have differed from those of men. How were women occupied throughout history when their lives resembled a lesser or greater degree than those of men? What were women allowed to do and what were they not. Could they expect to have an education, to work, own property? Did they have control over their own lives and those of their children? How was most of their time spent and what did they do with their leisure time? Did they spend it in the company of men or other women? And now in the 21st Century as we strive to advance gender equality, which of these varied stories do we see before us.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania historia kobiet muchomor


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania historia kobiet muchomor