Text: Tomasz Małkowski

Illustrations: Joanna Rusinek


64 pages


20 x 26 cm


Rights sold: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese simplified, Croatian, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian,    Mongolian, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, Vietnamese


Kamil is a cheerful, lively five-year-old, who goes to kindergarten and loves to make silly jokes.

Is he typical? Yes, because he behaves normally.

No, because he is blind from birth.

The book shows the daily life of such a child, without exaggerated pity, but also without glossing over anything. It consists of several short stories: sometimes happy, sometimes poignant, sometimes dramatic. After reading, children should know how to behave in the company of a blind person: not to comment loudly, not to console, but to help if necessary.