Text: Anna Paszkiewicz

Illustration: Kasia Walentynowicz



32 pages


21 x  26 cm


Rights sold: Russian, Chinese simplified and complex, Korean



GRAND JURY PRIZE for The Third BIBF Ananas International Illustration Awards.


Right and Left – two shoes with completely different natures and likes.

Right is strict, pedantic, hates to get dirty and loves the cosines of its closet. Left is really crazy! Loves long walks, jumping into puddles and all kinds of fun. This different nature causes clashes and long night discussions in the closet where they live.

The story about Right and Left with a great sense of humour shows how we can be different from each other and what one thinks is white appears in different shades of grey to someone else.

It all depends on the point of view hence it is not worth to judge, compare or envy, as one never knows what the other person dreams of. Maybe about being in our Shoes?

You can find happiness when you are able to appreciate here and now.

Beware! Some children finding out about the secret life of shoes might want to jump into a puddle!

Kasia Walentynowicz (the illustrator) has been selected to participate in the  Illustrators Exhibition at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019.