Text: Renata Piątkowska

Illustrations: Maciej Szymanowicz



64 pages


16,5 x  23,5 cm


Rights sold: Lithuania

English translation available


Smiley, eager to play and to sing hits by Justin Bieber – this is the Malala we meet. The only thing that distinguishes her from her friends is that she doesn’t cover her face with a scarf. Is that a good reason to shoot a teenage girl in the face? It soon becomes clear that Malala is no ordinary teenager, but a blogger who – by describing the state of education for girls in Pakistan – exposed herself to the Taliban.

A touching story about the strength that lies dormant in each one od us and how we should fight to help those who are weaker than us. Malala has proven that just one brave person is enough to inspire multitudes.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania która to malala




All of my Moms




Rights sold: France


Szymon is afraid to live in a walled ghetto and he doesn’t want to wear the Star of Dawid on his arm. He misses his house, the radio with a green eye, his dad… One day, sister Jolanta knocks on their door and urges his mum to give Szymon away, so that he may be safe on the other side of the wall. Years later, Szymon Bauman learns that sister Jolanta’s real name is Irena Sendler and that many other Jewish children were saved from genocide. Could evil be resisted in a more beautiful way.

pp. 48 , 1st edition: 2013 rights sold: Italy



Little Joanna





Story of little Asiunia, for whom World War 2 started right after her 5th birthday, when one night her mum was taken to Pawiak, and her home disapeard. She had to go and live with someone else’s house, where instead of mum was some strange lady, strange furnitures and she had to drink milk from someone else’s cup instead of hers. Asiunia is observing the world very carefully and tries to understand it, which is terribly difficult, since she’s just a little girl.

pp. 48, 1st edition: 2011



The Boy from Lampedusa





This story is made up. But a boy likethe protagonist of this book really exists. In February 2015 – along with other refugees from Eritrea – Tandjin reached the Italian island of Lampedusa. He was 11 years old. When journalists asked Tanjin about his family, the boy replied: “No mama. No papa. All alone.”

These words made me  think a lot about Tandjin and I wrote this story. Partly for him and partly for all children in a similar situation – forced to leave their countries, exposed to the hardships of wandering, traveling alone in search of a safe place to live.

pp. 80, 1st edition: 2016



Ebony Heart





Omenka loves to sit in the shadow of a huge mango tree and to learn letters with other children or to drink  sweet tea and listen to the stories of the elders. Unfortunately, the village of Omenka is being attacked by troops And the boy’s family eskapes from them. It is a painful journey, in the scorching rays of the sun, in cramped conditions, payed with the last savings.

Will their boat reach a safe harbor? Will ebony Orion, which Omenka squeezes in his little hand, protect the boy’s family?

A moving story about the journey of a small African refugee – Omenka.

pp.48, 1st edition: 2016