Text: Małgorzata Kur

Illustrations: Małgorzata Kwapińska



80 pages


25 x 32,5 cm

(Kocur Bury)


English translation sample available


The history of cuisine, understood as cooking and preparing meals, dates back to the beginning of life on Earth. The first people had to work hard to get food and survive!

How was cooking possible without dishes? What was eaten when bread was still unknown? How was the food stored if there were no refrigerators? What did our ancestors drink who didn’t know juice or tea, not to mention Coca-Cola?

  • Spices were once so valuable that people paid taxes with them!
  • Sweets looked different. Sugar was in the form of brown tall cone with a rounded top called sugarloaf, which had to be chopped into small pieces!
  • When no tablets were known, the drugs were special foods and herbal mixtures.


Thanks to this richly illustrated book you can look into the pots of housewives in the past, learn about the delicacies of other countries and curiosities related to the preparation of food and style of nutrition.

You will learn what was eaten during the war, about the food restrictions, and how meals were served in exceptional conditions: on military aircraft and spaceships.

You will also learn traditional dishes from different countries, the most luxurious and … the most disgusting dishes.

We wish you an inspiring culinary journey through eras, regions and flavors!