Text & Illustrations: Małgorzata Kwapińska, Agnieszka Zimnowodzka


Farby. Szkicownik artysty - Kwapińska Małgorzata, Zimnowodzka Agnieszka


80 pages


24,5 x 32 cm

(Kocur Bury)



English  translation sample available



Everyone can be an artist!

This is a practical addition to the book Whose Paints Are These?  The proposed tasks refer to the art techniques learned, smuggling information and interesting facts that the reader has come across in the book. Sketchbook can also be treated as an independent title. It is full of interesting artistic tasks and challenges. It invites the reader to creative work with paints, pastels, crayons or pencil, but also encourages to experiment with cutouts and tears from newspapers and colorful magazines.  The commands leave the child free to choose the painting agent, because strictly following a given technique is not the main goal of the sketchbook. It is more important to play with art.

Everyone can be an artist!


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