Text: Liliana Bardijewska

Illustrations: Emilia Dziubak



56 pages


21 x 26 cm


Rights sold to: Germany, Slovenia



The Bests Book of the Year 2001 by IBBY (Polish section).

The book was included on the Golden List of books recommended by the ”ABCXXI – All of Poland Reads to Children” Foundation.


It’s a lyrical fairy tale about friendship and tolerance.

Its hero, the Creature, who lives in grey Creatureland, one day finds out that he’s green. But the grey river shows him a grey reflection. So the Creature decides to find a green river, so he can see his greenness. His journey will take him through various colourful lands and the inhabitants of each one will greet the Creature in a different way: in the land of blue they will want to make him blue by force; in the land of red they will greet him as someone unique, worthy of a royal crown; in the land of yellow the Creature will see that all colours are equal; and in the land of green he will finally cease to be different – he will be green like everyone else. The Creature will return to his homeland over the rainbow bridge, to tell the grey creatures about others colours and change grey Creatureland forever.

The Green Wonderer is a tale of tolerance and great friendship of those who are able to be beautifully different not only in colors.

The book is a new edition enriched with songs from a theater play.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania zielony wędrowiec


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania zielony wędrowiec