Text:  Daniel Chmielewski

Illustrations: Magda Rucińska



76 pages


30 x 22 cm




Zlota is a resourceful girl who lives with her friends Tina and Bear in a huge, cold concrete city. They spend their time like any other children, playing and drawing maps until Zlota notices a presence of a mysterious character… a girl who looks like she.

They live in the concrete city where everything is perfectly built, the raw, geometric blocks are piling up, overlapping each other, and there is no space left for the smallest piece of greenery, because the whole ground is covered with gray concrete, the stores are full of colorful boxes set in perfect rows, and there is an ideal organization and order.

But don’t be fooled, it’s just a semblance. Such a city is a real monster!

Only an unlimited imagination, thinking outside the scheme and teamwork can help the protagonists (and the leader) to understood and bridle the undefined, dangerous and seemingly ordered word they live in.

Zlota, Tina, Bear and their New friend Sylvina attempt to free themselves from the concrete blocks that surround them.

Nothing can quench the spark of adventure that hide In ther young minds.

This is an urban horror book for the youngest readers! Only children’s’ wild imagination, thinking outside the box and working as a team can help the main characters and readers to understand and manage the unpredictable, dangerous but so fascinating world.


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