Text & Illustrations:  Adam Święcki



20 pages


15,5 x 14,5 cm

(Wydawnictwo Tadam)



The series includes books:

Mrs. OWL,The Detective

Mr. BEAR, The Foodie

Mr. FOX, The Dressy

Mrs. MICE, The Reporter

Mr.WOLF, The Joker




Fantastic, short stories for the youngest readers.

Distinctive, colourful but well-toned layout of the books catch the eye.

Adventures of the animals raise questions and topics to be discussed.

Kids are not overwhelmed with facts but learn it their way, naturally while listening to the stories.

Each book mixes up the characters through the stories developing the memorizing of the young reader in a natural and fluent way. It helps children to master their memory, thinking, feeling and observation skills.


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Also Activity books available:

Mr. BEER, The Foodie – Labirynths

Mrs. OWL,The Detective – Puzzles

Mr. FOX, The Dressy – Riddles

Mr.WOLF, The Joker – Plays