Text:  Bartosz Sztybor

Illustrations: Piotr Nowacki, Łukasz Mazur



48 pages


23,7 x 17,2 cm



Spanish working translation available


The first Polish comics prepared for the younger readers, engaging their minds and explaining the world of democracy, how majority works, why voting is so important to keep your identity.


VOL. I – There is no place like “Oak”

There is no smoke without a fire, a rose without thorns and a tortoise without a shell. Are we sure? After all, Tudo the tortoise just lost his one. Ah, you do not know who Tudo is yet, right? Tudo is a turtle, young, eager to see the world and independent. And … without a shell. But you have to find out on Your own why he lost it and how it can be handle, taking him to his new


VOL. II – There is a “forest” to rest

Tudo found a new home where he can enjoy the freedom and support of his friends. But a new home also means new responsibilities, especially when you’re The President. Will Tudo handle everything and will it help him with in …. voting? And what will he do when unannounced guests appear on subsequent branches of the oak? And how the raise of the opposition, surprising migrations and a whole lot of extraordinary adventures will develop him as a new democratic, true leader of their small home called the Oak.






Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania w koronie tadam



Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania w koronie tadam