Text:  Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations:  Daniel de Latour



160 pages


16,5 x 23,5 cm

(Poradnia K)

Rights sold: Spain, Italy


The prayers of the many fans of „The Amazing Adventures of Socks” have been heard!

Justyna Bednarek wrote the sequel to the story of the belowed Socks, and Daniel de Latour breathed life into them for the third time.

„The Gang of the Black Frotté. The Socks are back!” is the third installment of the peripeteias of these funny and clever protagonists. This time, a black frotté sock, to avoid being thrown in the rubbish, escapes through a hole under the washing machine and ends up on a pirate ship. Later she meets a cruel avenger- Pale Niko, then Rasberry Sock (with a strawberry embroidery), Detective Pinkerton and many other colorful characters. Togheter, they have many exploits such as escaping the shark Remigius or meeting the queen of Ethiopia, Cassiopea.


Their adventures are full of unexpected twists and surprises.

The Socks are entertainig and show lots of valuable learning that both adults and children will enjoy. There are socks who write poems, cook and even complain!

We will come across sea creatures, Greek mithology figures and Milky Way.


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