Text: Maciej Jasiński

Illustrations: Tomasz Kaczkowski


Bajka wybierajka. O bardzo głodnym misiu3+

28 pages


25 x 23 cm


English translation available


ABOUT A VERY HUNGRY BEAR is a book-game, a choose-a-story, in which a young reader decides how the characters’ story is going to develop, who will join the plot and how it’s going to finish.

Brown bear wakes up from winter sleep. he decides to have some honey… there are plenty of ways to get this delicacy. One can climb a tree, do a pole vault, use a trampoline or even benefit from the fox’s cunning plan and firemen’s intervention.
Or maybe the bear will resign from the honey, turn to the other side and take a nap? Everything is possible in the book and the order and choice of scenes can be different each time.

During the first reading, will the reader discover the habits of Ferdynand, the ant or will he come across a wolf lurking in the bushes for three little pigs? Who knows, everything depends on our imagination. You can read a shorter version of the story, next time a longer one, enjoying its free form, open plot and light sense of humour. It’s fun for the children and adults, too!

The text of the fairy-tale, inspired by Raymond Queneau’s Un conte à votre façon, was written by Maciej Jasiński, comic book script writer, and the illustrations were prepared by Tomasz Kaczkowski, graphic designer and author of comic books.



O bardzo głodnym misiu



O bardzo głodnym misiu



O bardzo głodnym misiu