Text: Robb Maciąg

Illustrations: Patricija Bliuj-Stodulska



168 pages


21 x 26,5 cm


It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl, a boy, a child or an adult. All mountain people are friends and speak to each other by name. Did you know that one-quarter of all land on Earth is mountains? Imagine that 100,000 peaks still have no name – no one has ever climbed them. Were they waiting for you? Or maybe, instead of climbing, you prefer to hike along ridges and valleys or ski down snow-covered slopes? There is a place for everyone in the mountains. Robb Maciąg – an experienced traveller – invites you to an expedition during which you will learn, among other things, what a skid is, how to climb in a skirt and whether it is possible to ski down an eight-thousander. You will also meet extraordinary and colourful people who made the mountains a little closer to all of us.