Text: Liliana Fabisińska

Illustrations: Asia Gwis


96 pages


28 x 34 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: Germany, Czech Republic, Korea, China, Russia

English translation available!


Here translation rights available for Spain and Spanish-language territories.

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Take a peek into the kingdom of fungi with us!

They’re everywhere. On land, in the water, underground, on trees, in your gut, in your fridge, on your skin. They can be poisonous or have healing properties, they can cost exorbitant amounts of money, they can glow in the dark and attract elves, according to a few legends at least… They’re used to make lamps, chairs, wallets and to build houses from… Who knows what they will be used for in the future if so far only 7% of all species of fungi have been described? They’re the most underrated, varied, and secretive organisms on Earth.