Text: Wojciech Widłak

Illustrations: Paweł Pawlak



32 pages


15 x 19 cm

(Czerwony Konik)






The Main Award of The Committee on the Protection of The Rights of the Child 2010
Nomination for The Book of the Year Award by the Polish Section of IBBY, 2009


This is an absurd back-to-front manual including a comic verse about some nonsense ways of
using a comb. So what is a comb NOT for? For playing saxophone, drawing conclustions, or making friends… This charming, funny book is a masterful display by the illustrator Paweł Pawlak. He skillfully mixes drawings, collage, old stamps and seals, and judggles letters to perfection. Whether it is and endpaper, a cover, the pagination, the publisher’s imprint or the headers, every single element is treated to the illustrator’s touch and subjected to his will. Even the joke of adapting the publisher’s logo
a red ponny into a mustang contrubiters to the book’s absurdity.



Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania nie poradnik grzebień