Text & Illustrations:  INGAKKU RIUKIMIUKI (pseudonym)


20 pages


15 x 15 cm

(Tashka 2016)





In these books Alinka gazes at the sky and sea wondering as they both sparkle beautifully. Do you know how to spot a star in the night sky or a fish in the deep water? Alinka can do it and is happy to share all with your baby.

Books about Alinka are made for tiny hands, the small format and bright cardboard pages promise hours of fun. A fine treat for babies.



Let’s play theatre! All you need is scissors and crayons or paints. With Alinka’s help you can create a magical puppet show.
From the author: “(…) My wish is that theatre will provide people, even tiny ones, with a sense of security, efficiency and the joy of experiencing something beautiful. I believe that being exposed to art from an early age makes new generations more sensitive to other people. Therefore, I would like theatre to reach out to a variety of audiences and encourage interactions on many levels.



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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania INGAKKU RIUKIMIUKI