Text: Jacek Inglot

Illustrations: Anita Graboś



320 pages


13,5 x 20,4 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)


English sample available!


World rights available except ITALY


Eri is unlike everybody else, not least because she’s the only person in the village to have ginger hair.

She’s friends with a good witch called Millicent, and animals are incredibly obedient to her. One day Millicent bestows a special task on Eri: to protect the last dragon egg from the evil Vidukind. This is very important because one who witnesses the birth of a dragon and gives it a name will have power over it. And so it’s in no-one’s interest to allow such a powerful weapon to end up in the hands of a merciless wizard…

Eri embarks on an adventure-laden journey and is accompanied by a little gnome, a poetry-loving ex-thug and the dwarf.


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