Text: Eliza Piotrowska

Illustrations: Asia Gwis



96 pages


28 x 34 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: China, Korea, Germany



Here translation rights available for Spain an Spanish-language territories.


Ancient Romans believed everything begins ab ovo, which means “from an egg”. The Earth was created from a large egg, and the Sky from its shell. Life on Earth also begins with eggs, except they’re a bit smaller. All Roman feasts began with eggs and today eggs are the highlight of Easter festivities… It’s worth taking a closer look at eggs: compare the eggs of birds, reptiles (including prehistoric reptiles!), amphibians, fish, insects and even mammals; find out how eggs are used in cooking, the sciences, architecture and design; see egg-inspired works of art and also meet people who’d rather stay as far away from eggs as possible…

This book is a real literary egg mixture, where delightful illustrations mix harmoniously with written content full of fascinating trivia.



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