Text: Madlena Szeliga

Illustrations: Emilia Dziubak



96 pages


25 x 30 cm


Rights sold: Spain, Lithuania, France

English and Spanish sample available!


Best illustrated book of 2018 (IBBY Polish section)

IBBY International Board on Books for Young PeopleSelected for The IBBY Honour List 2020



This book is a pearl and a prank in one (be sure to hide it from your parents!), containing gorgeous illustrations by Emilia Dziubak. It lists 20 absolute marvels, each carefully describing a different fruit, vegetable, or herb, the familiar as well as the exotic specimens. 

Just imagine, that tender red strawberry with its delicately sweet emotions? Wouldn’t you hesitate to toss it into the blender if you just knew?

It is definitely the first chilling series of accounts involving fruit and vegetables. About our unspeakable heartlessness towards them. It’s not children that have fears. What is there to be afraid of? Children know perfectly well that these stories are fantasies, just likes the ones about creepy monsters, little girls with matches, hairy wolves hissing to cute little red–riding hoods. No… it’s the parents, again. They are the ones who’re shivering with all their hair standing on end. But in case they should find out about this book, tell them all these stories are just hogwash. Sometimes they are terribly funny and sometimes horribly terrifying, just like any proper horror story. They’re not meant to frighten you (most likely, they will only give you goosebumps), they’re meant to heighten your imagination and toy with dull everydayness.



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