Text & Illustrations:  Joanna Bartosik



24 pages


18 x 18 cm








Continuation of the bestselling and awarded series:


“Two, three, FOUR – Words and Letters” The linguistic creatures that appear in this book will help children learn letters and the alphabet.

In the third book in the series, Joanna Bartosik with her characteristic intuition and ingenuity invites you to look for hidden letters and first words.

The series stimulates the imagination and develops the resources of words and the speech of your children. Great way to learn!




“Two, three, FOUR – Numbers” This book is dominated by numbers, numbers, and numbers! Will you find them all?

They surround us from all sides. They are needed and can mean different things. Why? Just look in the book to find out. Houses, buses, and telephones have numbers. Things in stores have prices. The sportsmen are fighting for the first place in the competition – they also have numbers on their t-shirts … And in some places, there is a speed limit of 30 km / h.

The book encourages the youngest to count and watch carefully and identify ubiquitous digits. Searching for them in the book, children will memorize them and they will find out why they are so important.




“Two, three, FOUR – Walks” Every walk – whether you go to the forest or on the market, can be a fantastic adventure. Some places are unique and others are quite ordinary. In some places, you must behave in a special way …

Why do we go to the playground often, and to the station or the cemetery only from time to time?

What animals can we meet in the park, and what in the forest? Why is it worth visiting a museum?

Common walks are a way to get accustomed to the world, getting to know new places or coming back to very well known ones.

They start from the nearest area, allow the child to explore the surroundings, and experience its diversity.