Text: Paulina Wierzba

Illustrations: Marianna Sztyma


56 pages


20,1 x 27,5 cm


Rights sold: Spanish world, Russia, Italy


English sample available!


Distinction at Most Beautiful Book 2012 by Polish Book Publishers Association.


              Chosen to represent Poland at the World Bienniale of Illustrations in Bratislava, 2013.


It’s a rarity for all cat lovers – the little and the big ones. Cats have fascinated people for thousands of years. Although they are domesticated, they have never allowed us to understand, tame or subdue them. Even a few centuries ago, they were attributed magical properties, and in ancient times they were even worshiped! In the Middle Ages, the mysterious nature of cats awoke people’s fear and they were exterminated as a source of evil power. Today, cats are the most popular pets, man’s best friend and play an important role in our culture. Cats constantly amaze us, give a good laugh, but also teach us composure and calm.

Cats are true wonders of nature!

They have a perfectly built body that allows them to perform acrobatics, which a man can only dream of. Among all other animals, they also have an unusual personality – each one is unique in its own way. If you want to discover some of the feline secrets, check out this book. You will learn some interesting things about the prehistory of cats, their closest and furthest cousins, feline records, anatomy, communication and personality.

You can also find out what kind of cat you would be (if you were one) and learn that cats can heal and even have magical powers!


Resultado de imagen de oto kot książka


Resultado de imagen de oto kot książka


Resultado de imagen de oto kot książka