Text: Iwona Wierzba

Illustrations: Marianna Sztyma


136 pages


24 x 15 cm


Rights sold: Russia


English sample available!



Distinction at Editorial Excellence 2015.

Distinction at Ibby Award (Polish section) for Best Book 2014.



THE ORIGINS OF THE POTTY – The title of the book basically says everything about its content.

By reading it you will learn many things about this fascinating and useful object, its origins, substitutes, successors and of course about its famous users. Did you know that one of the first owners and users of a toilet flushed with water was the legendary ruler of Crete, King Minos? Do you know what the Cloaca Maxima is and where it was? Who first taxed the toilets? Why were the coaches pulled by six horses in medieval cities?

What ammunition was ever-lacking in medieval fortresses? What was important to the philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam? What does the saying „I’m going to put out the fire in the fireplace” have to do with urination? Why was there a time when Versailles did not smell like violets? What were the duties of the Groom of the Stool at the court of King Henry VIII? Which lady was the owner of a beautiful potty? You can also learn how the investigations and work related to the conquering and exploring out of space had a revolutionary impact on personal hygiene.

What services can the owners of a Japanese fully electronic toilet- seat expect? The author also explains the history of such important things as toilet paper and its references in literature. This is fascinating reading for readers of all ages due to the so far unexplored theme and amazing illustrations.

It can also be a very educative title since on the inside of the cover there is a SURPRISE: a board game!


Resultado de imagen de metryka nocnik


Resultado de imagen de metryka nocnik


Resultado de imagen de metryka nocnik