Text & Illustrations:  Agnieszka Sowińska


32 pages


24 x 32 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia)

Rights sold: Germany, China, Russia, Korea, Ukraine, Czech Republic

English sample available!


World rights available except ITALY


Fruit and vegetables are healthy! But what does that mean, exactly?

To understand this, we need to meet the characters that live inside them. For example, all day Pectin busies herself and cleans, and Plant Protein feels at home in the kitchen, because she loves to cook and make sure that others’ bellies are full, though we must admit that she can sometimes be lazy.

Magnesium is always in a good mood and you can count on him. Vitamin A looks great, because he likes to look after himself. And Vitamin B spends long hours with his nose in a book and can find the answer to any problem. As well as them, we meet Calcium, Potassium, Lycopene, Vitamins C and E, and many, many others. All of them are very important, as it’s thanks to them that eating fruit and vegetables makes us healthy.


This large-format book, filled with detailed illustrations, dissects a dozen or so of the most common fruit and vegetables. Education mixed with play and humour are only a few aspects of this unique book. Nobody previously unenthusiastic about eating will feel the same after reading it!


Resultado de imagen de przekroje owoce i warzywa


Resultado de imagen de przekroje owoce i warzywa