Text:  Madlena Szeliga

Illustrations:  Sławomir Zalewski



40 pages


26 x 29 cm





This extraordinary five-member family of metal tableware are happily living together in a wooden kitchen drawer.

A reunion with this whacky and raucous family.

In fact, not much has changed since we met them the first time. As always, Grandpa Knife cannot hold his sharp tongue, Daddy Fork has kept his authoritative chops and Mum Spoon is still slightly curved. Even the children, Teaspoon and Forky haven’t changed the least bit.

Gereon publishers are proud to present the second part of The Cutlerys, who live in a spacious drawer in Granny Ellie’s kitchen. But if you ever thought that Forky and his family did not have the nerve to leave their residence, you are very much mistaken.

This time, they are wandering far and away. Not only to the clattering sink, the cluttered table and the clamouring dishwasher. Their travels take them far beyond Granny Ellie’s house, landing them in picnics and kidnappings.

Resultado de imagen de rodzina sztućców 2