Text:  Madlena Szeliga

Illustrations:  Sławomir Zalewski




40 pages


26 x 29 cm


English sample available!


This extraordinary five-member family of metal tableware are happily living together in a wooden kitchen drawer.

They include Grandpa Knife with his sharp tongue, Daddy Fork with his powerful jaws, Mummy Spoon, who’s a bit on the round side, and of course the two children, Teaspoon and Forky. You cannot really say that they’re getting along very well.

But on the other hand, you would not say that their lives boring either.

The Cutlerys’ exploits are about events that take place in your kitchen as soon as you leave it.

Amusing adventures for children big and small that will stimulate their imagination and introduce them to the secretive and mesmerising world of our kitchen.

Mouth-watering ventures that will also appeal to slow and poor eaters at the dining table.

In this first part, the noisy Cutlery family move into their new drawer. Grandad Knife is looking for a new wife, while Forky curiously watches his dad during work.