Text:  Madlena Szeliga

Illustrations:  Paulina Daniluk



28 pages


26 x 29


Rights sold: Chinese simplified




A series of books about the adventures of creatures that are distressing and fascinating at the same time.


You will read about the mysterious lives of spiders, moths, butterflies, and many other small animals (yes, including an elephant). A great variety of creepy-crawlies are happily living together in their cozy neighborhood.

All have their dreams, each of them has something to be terrified of. For example, Spider dreads spiders, Butterfly worries that she might not be the most attractive one, and Hornet wished that his comrades would stop avoiding him. In fact, they all have anxieties that both children and parents are familiar with as well. Thus, with the help of the creepy-crawlies, our fears should become easier to manage.

These stories will make children laugh and surprise their parents at the same time. Poor Spider, the hero of the first story, he’s suffering from arachnophobia, thus basically being afraid of himself.

What’s there to be afraid of deals with a thing we all know: the unknown is scary.

This truth not only applies to our human world but also to the habitat of the smallest insects.