Text:  Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations:  Daniel de Latour



134 pages


170 x 244 cm

(Poradnia K)

Rights sold: Russian, Italian, Spanish



Nomination in Book of the Year 2016 Ibby (Polish section).


Full of unexpected plot twists, a detective-culinary story about a funny gang of smart and adorable martens.

Martens are said to be evil and very annoying animals. From this story, you will learn that it is not quite true. The main protagonists – five little furry and omnipresent friends – have different personalities and traits.

Just like us people. However, they all have one thing in common: they are lovers of exquisite cuisine. Prot Eustachy, Tomas Montana, Eusebius, Mrs Patricia, and Purchawka even have plans to open their restaurant!

In an adventurous style, the five smart martens save the life and heavenly recipes of Mrs Patricia and unmask a conspiracy in the high cuisine spheres.

In addition to the amazing story, the reader will find delicious recipes from Mrs Patricia (the marten) and Mrs Eliza (well…the human). They are great for experimenting in the kitchen with kids!








Resultado de imagen de pieć sprytnych kun