Text & Illustrations: Agnieszka Świętek



32 pages


21 x 21 cm


Englis and Spanish translation available!


The book „Forget-me-not” tries to explain the Alzheimer’s disease in a way that is understandable to children. It focuses on this social problem and shows how important it is to deal with it in an open an honest way.

It is a plea especially to adults – not to treat old age and illness as taboo topics but to accept them as part of our lives and experience and openly discuss them and explain what evanescence is and what are certain old age related dysfunctions.

The author points to topics connected with the passing of time, the role of a person in each stage of life, growing old and old age related illnesses. She tells a story about intergenerational friendship and a family but mainly shows how to understand other people and take responsibility for them. It teaches empathy and can be a bridge between generations.

We think „Forget-me-not” could start a conversation with children about Alzheimer’s disease, but also about old age, evanescence and forgetting.

The message of the book is positive, it gives hope and encouragement.