Text:  Małgorzata Swędrowska

Illustrations:  Joanna Bartosik



48 pages


20 x 20 cm


Rights sold: Korean, French. Galician


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Mom runs, laughs, bends over backwards…
Dad, comforts, moves mountains …

This is how children see theri parents: they can do almost anything and regardless of whether parents do something better or worse, in the eyes of a child we are always important, always needed.

They are children’s whole world.

My Mum My Dad has two perspectives. The first is the child’s point of view.

We read simple sentences, interpret illustrations and look for details of our own experiences. The second perspective is for a parent who defines her/his parenting in all shades of emotions. It undermines her/his competences, enjoys successes, strives for excellence.



Resultado de imagen de moja mam mój tata


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