Text & Illustrations:  Paweł Pawlak



40 pages


20,5 x 26 cm

(Nasza Księgarnia 2015)

Rights sold: Romania, Korea, Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA, Chile

English translation available!


Here translation rights available for Spain an Spanish-language territories.


Nomination for Most Beautiful Book 2016 by the Polish Book Publishers Society


Nomination for GOOD PAGES 2016 (Wroclaw Book Fair competition)

What if we turned the world inside out and had a peek underneath? Perhaps there we’d be able to find something that we look for in vain on our side. Friendship, for example… A small, gloomy skeleton on the cover of a children’s book isn’t seemingly a harbinger of anything positive.

But the meeting between bony Ignatek and a lonely little girl is, for both of them, the beginning of a wonderful adventure and a tour of two worlds, both of which are beautiful and essential.

The whole story begins with the girl losing a tooth. An ordinary milk tooth…