Text:  Monika Michaluk, Witold Przewoźny

Illustrations:  Michał Stachowiak



148 pags


22 x 30 cm

(Albus 2018)





Etnochats, stories about ancient rituals is a illustrated book addressed to readers of all ages.

The book is the result of a joint work of unusual artists: Monika Michaluk, Michał Stachowiak and Witold Przewoźny, whose passion in discovering the world of our ancestors – full of wisdom, magic and secrets.

The authors believe that reading a book, based on reliable ethnographic knowledge, can become a pretext for intergenerational dialogue, which will help preserve the memory of forgotten folk customs.  The young reader will find out how was the live before clocks and calendars were invented? How do we know when the seasons change? Why does not time go to sleep?

The beautiful graphic design of the book is a combination of modern trends in illustrations with folk motifs.


Resultado de imagen de etnogadkiResultado de imagen de etnogadkiResultado de imagen de etnogadki